Essex Roller Rocker set

Billet aluminium roller rocker set . 1.5:1 ratio with steel rocker posts.

  • Needle roller bearing  main bearing
  • Hardened steel roller tip for increase durability
  • Steel rocker posts for increase strength installation
  • Ideal for race applications with high RPM applications

Price £TBA


Essex Dual Valve spring – Aluminium Retainer 

  • High Performance Motorsport grade spring material
  • Dual spring for high RPM stability
  • Low mass billet aluminium spring cap
  •  Sold in engine sets only

Price £TBA


Essex High Performance Push Rods

Our high performance push rods allow high RPM with the added security they will not bend or flex in high level engines . Designed for installation with our Valve springs and Roller rockers they make a unbeatable solution that is designed to perform in the Essex engine.

Shown above with:-  valve springs ;roller rockers (Sold seperatly)

Price £ TBA per engine set.