About Us


Since the company was founded in 1988, Ric Wood  has established an enviable reputation for the quality of its work and its ability to extract greater performance from almost anything it touches. As its founder and namesake Ric Wood will tell you, the only way to achieve this is by results, especially when it comes to motorsport.

A  race and precision engineer by trade, Ric has been involved with motorsport since the late 80s and has been a regular competitor ever since. He regards competition as an essential part of his company’s DNA, as it allows him to gauge first-hand exactly what it takes to win. He is therefore a firm believer of what works for him will work for his customers.

Situated in Stockport, Cheshire, the company has continued to expand over the years, investing in new equipment and state of the art machines in order to keep pace with new technology and the demands of its ever-increasing client list. As well as attracting new business, the company is proud to see its regular and established customers returning for more and more, time after time.

Although steeped in tradition and decades of engineering expertise, when it comes to engines and parts for classic and historic vehicles, the company also embraces the latest offerings from the automotive industry and is constantly involved with new – and sometimes prototype – projects.

Undoubtedly, the driving force behind the business is Ric himself, who’s passion for motorsport combined with his engineering prowess, has led him to enjoy making mechanical things work better – a philosophy that underpins everything the company does. And, when this is coupled to his fastidious attention to detail, it means that it’s not only performance that’s improved, but quality as well.

But nowadays it’s not all down to one man and, over the years, Ric has built around him a team of respected engineers that share the same mindset. In addition, when he needs to Ric calls on a team of specialists to help and advise on projects that require additional or specific technical input.

In 2012 Ric bought the intellectual property rights to Weslake-Capri, the operation that was famously responsible for developing Ford’s V6 engines for competition in the early 70s. This acquisition was a perfect fit for the business, as Ric takes after the late and much admired Harry Weslake, who is possibly the most innovative automotive engineer and cylinder head expert the world has ever seen.It is comforting to know that the Weslake legend lives on in safe hands.